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The Loman-Ray Farmer's Association brings together farmers for the purpose of group purchasing power of health, crop/hail, farm owners, and other ancillary benefits. This Association aims to save farmers and their employees money, while giving them more options with their insurance coverages.

Most farmers that join the association save between 10%-15% on their health insurance premiums.


How does the Farmer’s Association save you money?


Participating farmers are consolidated into a large group, increasing the association’s buying power. With this leverage, the association offers all participants better plans at attractive rates.

Additionally, the association gains buying power by grouping multiple insurance products. Your health, crop/hail, farm owners, and other ancillary benefits are provided through the association. In the case of health insurance for instance, you are no longer an individual buying health insurance on the open-market. You’re now part of a group, enjoying the benefits of one.

The Farmer’s Association is currently offered across most of Central Illinois an in western Indiana.

Are you in a county we aren’t in yet? Let us know and you’ll be the first to know when we’ve expanded to your area.

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