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The Loman-Ray Financial Services Association is an independent trade association that combines small groups for the purpose of leveraging rates for specific products that apply to financial institutions including health insurance, educational opportunities, and other ancillary coverages. Eligible institutions for the association include banks, savings & loans, credit unions, and investment firms.

“We cut our premium outlay substantially and provided the employees better coverage. Couldn't be happier!” 
Phil Waters, Senior Vice President - CFO, TNB Bank 

How does the Financial Services Association save you money?


Participating financial institutions are consolidated into a large group, increasing the association's buying power. With this leverage, the association offers all participants access to better plans at attractive rates. There is strength in numbers, and the association takes advantage of that.

The Financial Services Association is currently offered across central Illinois.

Are you in a county we aren’t in yet? Let us know and you’ll be the first to know when we’ve expanded to your area.

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