Protect Your Crop Prices

with Innovative Crop Price Insurance Products


Our agents are ready to help producers:
  • Take Less Risk and Make More Revenue with revolutionary new products, expertise and technology that shows historical and future outcomes of strategies.
  • Execute on opportunities right now to establish minimum price, revenue, and/or margin floors, whenever the price you don’t want to see get away becomes available.
  • Keep upside opportunity wide open while having a floor in place now.
  • Set a floor price from two trading sessions ago, even in a dropping market.  Nowhere else can growers get a two day look back on price.
  • Raise your floor price if markets rally.
  • Protect 95% of the acres you might plant, with no obligations to plant a single acre or deliver a single bushel, only pay premium for what you do plant and only after it’s harvested.
  • Retain complete crop rotation flexibility with ability to earn the “carry” and basis improvement to any delivery point.
  • Deliver price risk management solutions for less than half the cost, and none of the obligations or cash flow stresses of grain dealers or broker offerings.

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